Château Gombaude-Guillot

Claire Laval

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“Gombaude-Guillot, was my great-grandmother’s dowry ! With her came this magnifient terroir, that combines cool clay with shiny warm gravel. It has been the first cru in its appellation being grown organically. The estate is worked with the necessary respect to produce the very best of its excellent potential.
Wine is one of the basic elements of civilisation to be passed on, of enjoyment to be shared and of a world where time takes the time. Women have an obvious role to play in producing it.”

Our wines are packed with pure fruit and very harmonious ripe tannins that are long and mellow. They are powerful yet, and mature with age for up to twenty years. Ample and subtle, they develop delicate, complex bouquet and display that fine freshness that denotes a wine that can be reliably laid down.

Vineyard area : 7 Hectares
Soil type : Gravel over clay
Grape varieties :
70% Merlot
30% Cabernet franc
Average age of vines : 35 to 40 years
Vineyard management : Organic
Harvesting : By hand
Wine making techniques : Traditional in temperature controlled concrete tanks
Ageing : In new and 1-year-old casks
Annual production : 30.000 bottles
Organic farming certified by ECOCERT