Château Pont de Brion

Chantale Molinarie

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“Nothing intended me to be a member of this wine growers’ 4th generation installed to Langon on the left bank of the Garonne, EXCEPT the meeting with Pascal in 1983. Since the commitment was total because we do not share the life of a wine grower without sharing his passion: the vine and I strive to give all my creativity, my dynamism in the elaboration of every year.”

This vintage endowed with a clear yellow dress makes discover delicate aromas of white fruits on a floral bottom. Long live and frank in attack then fatter, the mouth presents a beautiful scale and a long final. This wine, powerful and distinguished which maybe appreciated from today seems promised to a very beautiful guarding.

Vineyard area : 3 Hectares (all 22 ha 2/3 in red 1/3 in white)
Soil : Sand, clay and gravel
Grape Varieties :
65 % Sémillon
35 % Sauvignon
Average age of vines : 45 years
Vineyard management : Traditional
Harvesting : By hand with severe selection.
Vinification : With skins followed by decanting in low temperature. Transferred to casks and fermented at controlled temperature.
Ageing : In casks with regular stirring of the lees in order to develop the structure and aromas.
Average production : 18.000 bottles