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Clos de la Cure

Alexia Bouyer

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“Born in Bordeaux, I was naturally drawn to the fascinating world of
wine, and studied both its production and its commercialisation. I later had the good fortune to meet my husband, Pierre, who comes from a long line of St Emilion winemakers. In 1999 we took over the family business and, complimenting and encouraging one another, we have applied both our ideas and our values to this delightfully situated estate. It is with honour and enthusiasm that I direct both my energy and my feminine intuition to the daily organisation of our estate.”

Deep ruby red color. Nose intense with wild red berry fruit aromas. On the palate, fruity attack with hints of spicy and oak comming throught. Ripe tannins with good backbone.

Vineyard area : 6.5 Hectares (20 for the estate)
Soil type : Chalky clay plateau
Grape varieties :
80% Merlot
20% Cabernet franc
Average age of vines : 20 to 30 years
Vineyard management : Traditionnal, simple guyot pruning, “green” harvest
Harvesting : Hand picking or mechanised according different plots
Wine making techniques : Traditional in thermoregulated vats, FML in cask
Ageing : 15-18 months in cask
Annual production : 30.000 bottles