The Aliénor

of Wine of Bordeaux

« The feminine touch »

Founded in 1994 by Francoise de Wilde, this association has as its aim the promotion by each member of their wines, as well as highlighting the work of women in the Bordeaux wine industry. Both women born into the vineyard of Bordeaux as well as those adopted by it.

Coming from twelve different and prestigious appellations: twelve chateaux and twelve crus; producing red, white and dessert wines.

“Each year a new wine is born. Our most recent vintage is also our baby; witness to a culture to be passed on”.

We combine our shared love of the soil, of work well-done and a respect for the terroir.

The Aliénor is:

A large range of Bordeaux wines;
Over 350 hectares of vines;
Over 20 appellations;
A range of organic wines;
A choice of Medoc Cru Bourgeois;
Both dry and dessert white wines;
Rosé and clairet wines;
Red wines;
An annual production of around 1,700,000 bottles.

Why the name Aliénor?

Aliénor (Eleanor), the duchesse of Aquitaine and queen of France, wife of Louis VII and subsequently queen of England through her marriage to Henry Plantagenet, is a major figure in our history.

An exceptional woman; beautiful, energetic, cultured and loyal to her home of Aquitaine, which she ruled with firmness. An attentive and ambitious mother (particularly in her preparation of her sons Richard the Lion Heart and John Lackland).

Eleanor’s journey completely charmed us and that is why we chose her as our god-mother. As well as for her passion, her trailblazing, her freedom and her love of art.